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A driller’s work was as much about knowledge as it was about hard labour. A drill had to know all of the trades. Drilling and blacksmithing, cable splicing and millwrighting were vital but he also had to be an engineer, mechanic and geologist with knowledge of the earth and rock formations. These hard working people dedicated much of their life to drilling natural gas wells in the Haldimand area.

Doug Thompson
Elgin Mitchell
Charlie Rose
Jack Webber
Roy Manley
Ken Ruch
Charlie Kersey
Harry Emerson
Bud Otterman
Ed Perkins
Joe English
Pat Wilcox
Norris Wilcox
Irv Benner
Lee Chambers
George Culver
Bob Elfner
John Fralick
Dan Makey
Blake Montgomery


Name Home Location Overseas
Daniel Glenney Dunnville
Raymond Glenney Dunnville
Dunc Hussey Dunnville Saudi Arabia
Henry Cable Fisherville Persia
Elmer Kersey Selkirk Persia
Joe Patterson Dunnville Trinidad
Ken Ruch Stevensville
Pat Wilcox Walpole Twp Venezuela, Borneo
Norris Wilcox Walpole Twp Venezuela, Borneo
Ed Perkins Selkirk Persia, Borneo, Africa
Marvin Culver Rainham Centre
Earl Culver Rainham Centre
Jack Culver Rainham Centre
Blake Montgomery Selkirk
Clarence Montgomery Selkirk
Bill Culver Dunnville
George Culver Dunnville
Len Beecher Pennsylvania-Jarvis Wildcat in Iraq
Paul Whitzler Pennsylvania-Jarvis Wildcat in Iraq
Frank Martin Dunnville
Earl Sherk Selkirk
Jack Webber Dunnville South America
Pat Patterson Dunnville
William Culver Dunnville
Edward Garrison Petrolia-Selkirk
Tom Donald Selkirk
George Schweyer Fisherville
Walter Winger Selkirk
William Henry Garrison Petrolia
Karl Klentsche USA, Ontario, Alberta,1909
David Matheson Selkirk Peru

more to come...

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